The purpose-built way to get ahead.

Project Information

Kojo is a company created to change the way construction materials are procured and fundamentally reduce the cost of urban living. For this brand to resonate, it had to find a place where blue-collar trades and cutting-edge tech could overlap. Our work together was centered around building a strong, scaleable, and unique visual identity that could connect and grow with their customer base of hard-working tradespeople.

The result of our collaboration is a elevated yet utilitarian brand experience puts their marketing strategy to work, cementing Kojo as an industry name to be trusted.


Brand Strategy
Market Research
Visual Identity
Website Design & Build


Alexander Diner
Gillian Grefé
Corey Moen
Nathan Holthus
Aaron Romero
Elise Reina
half-width Kojo logo
half-width Kojo logo
Kojo billboard
half-width kojo brand positioning
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Kojo brackets, contractor reviewing building plan
Kojo box packaging half-width
Kojo packaging tape half-width
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half-width helmet icon
half-width Kojo jacket
half-width kojo helmet mockup
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